Frequently asked questions.

Q     Do I need a licence to operate a taxi radio?

A     Simple answer is "yes" although if you are working for a company then you would normally be covered under their licence.

Q      With regard to the mobile phone laws, can I use a two way radio whilst driving or do I need a hands free device?

A     The mobile phone law means just that, it specifically relates to the use of mobile phones whilst driving. The use of two way radio equipment (unless the device can also be used as a phone) (you know the handheld ones the police use!!) when driving is not included in the new offence. Remember, there is still a risk of distraction and prosecution under other laws should an accident occur. The legislation to quote if stopped for using a two way radio is: The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) (Amendment) (No.4) Regulations 2003 Statutory Instrument 2003 N0.2695. This lays out clearly the exemptions under the new law.  Read the full legislation here.

Q     I've just bought a new antenna and the shop assistant just cut a bit off making it shorter! Surely the bigger the better, has he damaged my antenna?

A     This is a question I get all the time. Gentlemen, it IS all about the size!! The length of the antenna is directly proportional to the wavelength of the frequency in use. As mobile antennas are not made specifically for an exact frequency the logical thing is to make them slightly longer to cover the frequency band in use. By calculating the wavelength we can work out the exact length required to ensure that your antenna is tuned to your radios operating frequency. Damage to your expensive radio equipment can occur if the antenna is too long or too short.


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