Sponsored by: GWE Installation Services

The APRS IGate serving the needs of Radio Amateurs on the East Essex Coast.

Located in Clacton-on-Sea on the East coast of Essex in JO01NS

MB7UIV is ON AIR  MB7UIV went live: 11th July 2011

MB7UIV is connected to rotate.aprs2.net T2 server on port 14580 via a 24/7 broadband connection.

Data is filtered to European stations only and of those received only about six a minute are digiepeated.

v Transceiver Yaesu FT-270R 2m FM mobile
v TNC PacComm Tiny 2
v Computer Dell Optiplex GX240
v Processor:   x86 Family 15 Model 1 Stepping 2 GenuineIntel 1594MHz
v Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
v APRS Software UIVIEW 32 V1.97
v Interface AGW-Packet Engine
v Frequency 144.800MHz
v TX Power 7.0dBW
v Antenna Omni Vertical
v Gain 3dBd
v Height 28m


Stations near MB7UIV now

v live data provided by aprs.fi v map provided by Google v

Reports are welcome please to:   mb7uiv@yahoo.co.uk

 (MB7UIV is owned and operated by K.Graffham M0GWE, GWE Installation Services)


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